Miller Manufacturing, Inc.


Makers of the Window Wand and Sky Wand


Miller Manufacturing, Inc. has over 21 years of experience in the window and skylight industry. We manufacture specialty items to open windows and skylights that are out of reach.

We also manufacture Round Hand Knobs and T Handles to replace existing crank handles when used with window shades or blinds.

  • Window Wand

    Put Clerestory Windows to work...conveniently. Enjoy the benefits: Privacy, Additional Light, Energy efficient cooling, No more hazardous climbing, Inexpensive-One crank operates many windows.

  • Sky Wand

    Now reach those out-of-reach skylight operators more conveniently. Fixed length model for single height skylight installations. Telescoping model for homes with varying height installations. For use with flat or sloped roof applications.

  • HK Round Hand Knobs

    Are standard cranks adding inconvenience to your life?
    With the Miller Round Hand Knobs and T Handles you can enjoy these benefits: Full unobstructed use of mini blinds, shutters, drapes and other window coverings.
    No intrusion of crank into window seats. Low-profile, aesthetic look.


Silent Servant

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