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Makers of the Window Wand and Sky Wand



Operable clerestory windows are an energy saving feature of the modern home. Clerestory windows capture the light and provide privacy. As the heat rises to the clerestory area, the natural convection provides a comfortable living space below. To take advantage of this natural air-conditioning, the clerestory windows must be opened on the shady side of the home to enhance the natural airflow.

The Miller Window Wand clerestory crank is a patented device used to maximize the use of the operable clerestory window. This is a portable motorized extension crank that can open any number of windows of similar height. The Window Wand is inexpensive and can easily retrofit to existing or new window installations. By simple removal of the existing crank handle and replacement with our RC-A Adapter, the Window Wand will open and close any operable clerestory window operator.

The Window Wand is available in many standard sizes for either sill of jamb mounted operators Refer to the selection chart for the model that fits your requirements. Consult the factory for special application needs.