Miller Manufacturing, Inc.


Makers of the Window Wand and Sky Wand

The Miller Model HK Round Knob is the convenient alternative to the standard protruding crank handle. This knob will replace any crank handle now in use on hand operated window openers. Comfortable to use, this knob will not interfere with the placement or operation of shutters, miniblinds, curtains or other window coverings. Unlike the standard crank handle, the Miller Hand Knob does not require any compromise in fitting window coverings.

An additional feature of the Miller Hand Knob is its perfect application in bay or bow window seats. Unlike an ordinary crank handle this unique replacement knob will not protrude into the seating area, creating an uncomfortable condition for users.

The Miller Hand Knob is available in 5 standard colors to match the factory finish of the manufacturers listed. You are welcome to consult the factory or local distributor for special application colors.



To install the Model HK Round Hand Knob, simply remove the existing crank handle and replace with the Miller Knob. Refer to the selection chart for the appropriate model for your window application. The Model HK Round Hand Knob will be supplied in a color to match the manufacturer’s window finish unless otherwise specified.